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What Causes Paint to Fade?

There’s nothing quite like laying down a fresh coat of house paint. The colours are vibrant, the finish is smooth and the satisfaction is unrivalled. But we’re sorry to say that even the best paint job won’t remain perfect forever. Over time, paints begin to weather and fade until they are looking tired and in need of some TLC. In this article, we want to take a look at what causes paint to fade and what you can do to keep on top of the issue.

Why Do Exterior Paints Fade?

Paints are relatively simple products that are made of a few ingredients: resin, pigment and solvent. Once you apply the paint to a wall, the solvent evaporates, leaving behind the pigment sealed in a layer of dried resin. Over time both the resin and pigment begin to lose their protective and colourful properties due to a few main reasons:

  • Sunlight is the number one killer of a good paint job. Paints that are exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays break down far more quickly than under other conditions. This is because the UV rays break down the resin in the paint and attack the colour pigments directly.
  • Weather is another major factor in paint fading. The rain and wind strip away at the protective layer of paint over time, exposing pigments to the air and to UV rays.
  • Coastal Environments pose a challenge for exterior paints thanks to the salt and moisture in the air. Houses located in places like the Gold Coast should always be prepared and painted using specialty coastal paint products.

Why Do Interior Paints Fade?

The exterior of your house might have to withstand the sun and rain, but the interior has the rough and tumble of family life to contend with. Interior paints fade for most of the same reasons that exterior paints do. Exposure to sunlight, heat, hard use and temperature fluctuations all contribute to the breakdown of paint coatings. Since interior paints usually don’t include things like anti-UV additives, the effects of sunlight can seem even more obvious on the inside of your home. Preventing this is as simple as choosing high-quality paints, though many people opt for the additional protection of window films that reflect UV rays.

How Do I Stop Paint From Fading?

There is no perfect way to stop paint from fading. Modern painting systems are tough and can last for decades even in the sun, but there are a few things you can do to get longer life from your house paint:

  • Choose quality undercoat and paint. If you’re painting the exterior of your home, make sure to use high quality, exterior-grade paint and the manufacturer’s recommended undercoat.
  • Use gloss finishes. Glossy paints reflect more light and stand up to the sun and weather much better than matte or satin paints. 
  • Use light colours. Light colours like whites and creams reflect a lot of light and resist fading for longer.
  • Avoid dark colours. Dark colours are more susceptible to fading. The dark pigments capture and hold onto more heat, accelerating the breakdown process.

When is it Time to Repaint?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you. Faded house paints don’t look very nice, and they often develop an unpleasant chalky texture, but the faded paint isn’t harmful. Repainting is mostly about protecting your house for longer. Paints and coatings like varnish are an important part of protecting timber decking and house cladding from the sun and weather. Your house won’t immediately fall apart due to faded paint, however, it’s something you should get fixed when you can. After all, a fresh paint job is more cost-effective than having to replace the weatherboards on an entire home.

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When it comes time to repaint your home, it pays to invest in products that will stand up to whatever you can throw at them. The experienced team at Pristine Painting Perfection are more than happy to help you with any interior and exterior repainting you need! As Gold Coast locals we have a thorough understanding of the coastal elements your home is battling, and we will design and specify a paint system that can keep your home looking brighter for longer. Chat to us today if you’d like to know more about our paint products or if you want to book a consultation.

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