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The 5 best roller sleaves for D.I.Y painting.

There is no one size fits all solution, there are different roller sleaves for different jobs and every painter has different opinions but here is what our Gold Coast Painters use.

  1. Interior gyprock wall painting, 9mm cotton roller sleave, we use this sleave because it gives a nice smooth finish.
  2. Interior gyprock ceiling painting, 18mm cotton roller sleave, we use this because it spreads the paint more than the 9mm. When painting a ceiling the paint dry’s a lot quicker and you need to move a lot faster, but still achieve a nice finish.
  3. Interior door painting, 4mm microfiber roller sleave, we use this sleave because it offers the smoothest finish and never leaves any roller fibres.
  4. Exterior render, 14mm lambwoll roller sleave (Always wash new sleave well to remove any loose fibres), we use this because when you paint render you need a decent film build (how thick the paint is) and spreading the paint on render is a lot harder as the substrate is generally more porous.
  5. Spot priming roller sleave (Touching up in between coats), 100mm long, 11mm nap mini roller sleave, we use this because it give a nice, smooth finish without putting too much paint on the wall.
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