If your roof is looking a little tired, there is more to consider than just aesthetics. Ageing roofs can lead to a number of issues that if not addressed can lead to costly damage to your home.

How Often Should I Paint My Roof?

Every 10-15 years or when your roof is looking faded and worn. This timeframe can vary depending on the environment in which your house is situated. Harsher conditions will wear away your roof coatings faster. Regular maintenance is also important. Keeping your roof clean of moss and mould, as well as keeping the gutters cleaned out regularly, will help to keep your roof dry which protects the existing coating. Aim to clean your gutters at least twice a year, more if you live in wooded areas. Alternatively, investing in a gutter guard product will be more than worth the investment in the long run.

Why Do I Need To Paint My Roof?

As roof coatings are exposed to the elements they begin to age and break down (story of my life, eh?). Not only does it look tired, which affects the look of your home, but it can lead to costly repairs down the track. For tile roofs, the raw ceramic can become exposed to rain and wind causing cracks and decomposition. For tin roofs, the metal will be exposed, leading to rust. Your roof will be more prone to leaks causing damage to the internal structure of your roof and ceilings.

How Do I Know I Need To Paint My Roof?

Time and appearance are your best gauges. Has your roof lost the lustre and shine of its early days? This is from the outer coating being worn down by UV and rain. Older roofs also begin to collect black mould which is a sign that the smooth surface has broken down enough to not remove water efficiently. Ultimately, a professional is your best source of advice and a roof inspection is your best chance of understanding if your roof is just due for a clean or if it’s time for a resurfacing.

What’s Our Process?

To give you some understanding of what’s involved with full-service roof restoration, we have provided the following breakdown of what to expect. Lots of companies can offer roof painting but less reputable tradesmen may cut corners. It’s a misconception that roof paint is the same as roof coatings. If not prepared properly, paint alone is not sufficient to protect your roof and will flake and peel in no time. A tile roof coating is made from acrylic and is designed to seal roof tiles and protect against the elements for years to come. For tin roofs, preparation is key as all existing loose paint must be removed prior to applying a primer. It’s important to have fully certified tradesmen complete your roof restoration to cover you under warranty and ensure they are insured in case of mistakes.

Tiled Roofs

Colorbond/Tin Roofs

*If the roof repairs are more extensive than the above-listed preparation, we have a licenced roofer do the repairs. 

**If a client house is on tank water, we leave the water inlet disconnected till after the first heavy rain.

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