1. The first thing will be the undercoat, any bare walls, ceilings or plaster patches will need to be painted with Dulux one step acrylic undercoat. Any existing woodwork (doors, door frames, window frames and skirting boards) will need a wipe over with sugar soap, a good sand with 120 grit, and a coat of Dulux precision max adhesion (Sand and paint 1 strip, wait 24 hours and try to scratch it off). If you have stained woodwork and you want it to be painted to a colour, leave it for our Gold Coast Painters, this is beyond a DIY’ers capabilities, call us 0420 585 287 and we can explain why?
  2. For ceilings we use Dulux professional ceiling flat acrylic. This product is easy to apply and gives a nice, flat finish.
  3. For walls we use Dulux wash and wear low sheen acrylic. This product gives a great finish and extremely easy to clean and maintain.
  4. For woodwork we use Dulux aquanamel semi gloss acrylic. This product never yellows like old enamels do.