One of the best ways to spruce up your commercial building is to invest in a quality paint job. The right colours can change the look and feel of your business or office, and a fresh coat of paint can make any space look more inviting to customers and staff alike.

Painting the interior or exterior of a commercial building can be a major job and is usually best left to commercial painters with the right tools and training. That said, there are a few simple things you’ll need to do in preparation for commercial painting to ensure the job goes smoothly.

Provide Information to Your Commercial Painter

1. What do you need them to paint?

Provide the full details of what exactly you need painted, along with any rooms or areas you want left out of the quote. It’s a good idea to write out a list of what needs to be painted along with information about colour choices and whether any rooms need to be completed sooner than others.

2. Perform a risk assessment.

Painting often takes place on construction or renovation sites, so a risk assessment is good for your own records and should be shared with your painter to help them plan for the job.

3. Do you have a se​​​​​​​​​t timeframe?

Let your painter know if you need the work – or just specific areas – to be completed by a certain date.

Prepare the Areas That Need Paint

4. Remove everything from the walls.

That means you need to take down paintings, wall hangings, photos or anything else covering your walls – including the hooks and nails that were holding them up. Your painter may also need you to mask off light switches and power outlets. This is something that we will do as part of your commercial painting with Pristine Painting.

5. Clear out the furniture. ​​​​

Removing all the furniture from rooms needing paint is your best option here. If your furniture can’t be removed, then neatly moving everything to the centre of the room where it can be covered with drop cloths is a good alternative. A good painting company can help you to move your furniture from the area that requires painting.

6. Dust and wash your walls.

Paint adheres much better to clean surfaces, so it’s important to dust thoroughly and wash your walls with warm water and detergent. This will mean your paint job looks better and lasts much longer. A trustworthy painting company weill do this as part of their prep process, it is something we always ensure we do at Pristine Painting but always remember to check with your painting company.

7. Warn your neighbours. 

While it’s not always necessary, warning your neighbours of any painting is a nice courtesy, especially if you’re having exterior paint work done.

8. Make sure power outlets and taps are working. 

Your painter will probably need access to water and power for their tools and clean up, so working power outlets and taps will speed the work along.

Need A Commercial Painter?

If your commercial building needs a fresh coat of paint, then the experts at Pristine Painting Perfection are here to help. We’ll go over the work with you and let you know what preparation needs to be done before our team arrives to ensure a stunning result. To get a quote or find out more about what preparation you’ll need to do, contact our friendly team today.