So, you’ve decided to paint your home. Now comes the ever-important and stressful decision of choosing a paint colour. With so many new styles and choices going around, it can be difficult to make a decision. 

At Pristine Painting Perfection, we have been painting homes for over 10 years! Enough time to know that a neutral paint colour will never let you down. Below, we explore what neutral paint colours are and the benefits of using neutral paint colours in your home. 

What Are The Benefits Of Neutral Colours?

  1. Tend to be Warm Colours

Neutral paint colours tend to be pale, warm shades with tonal hues that transform under different lighting conditions. When combined they can create complex shades and unique tones that can work effectively in any space. 

  1. Freedom with Your Furniture

When it comes to designing your home, neutral paint colours are the best choice. Their warm undertones give you the flexibility to choose statement furniture, patterns and designs that add a touch of personality and colour to a room without being overwhelming. 

  1. Re-Sale Value

Neutral coloured paint is also an excellent choice when deciding to sell or rent your house. Using neutral coloured paint has been shown to increase the sale value of a property by up to $2,500 (Harris, 2019). 

  1. Timelessness

Nowadays, there are so many new design trends floating around. Whether it be textured feature walls, paint patterns or block colours, you want to make sure your paint colour choice lasts the test of time, something neutral coloured paint can always achieve. 

What Are Neutral Colours?

  1. White/Eggshell

White or Eggshell is one of the most popular paint colours for painting a house. It can make even the darkest of spaces light and offers flexibility in all of your design choices. 

  1. Beige

In recent years, beige has emerged as one of the most popular neutral paint colours for a house. Its earthy tones are right on trend and can help make any space feel welcoming. 

  1. Gold to Light Brown

Gold and Light Brown paint colours are often used to connote feelings of luxury or warmth. Using these neutral colours in a space can make a room feel grand before you’ve even added furniture. 

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