Conduct a routine 12 monthly maintenance inspection. The best way to protect of your timber and easiest of way to maintain your deck is too recoat it before deterioration of the coating and timber underneath occurs. The first indication of a deck requiring maintenance is patchiness or discolouration on edges. To apply a maintenance coat to a surface which is in good condition, clean the surface with Reviva and apply one coat of the previously used product to the timber. To refresh timber with significant signs of weathering, greying, peeling or mould call our Gold Coast Painters as we have dealt with these problems and know how to fix these issues.

The trick is to stay on top of your deck maintenance, if it’s done yearly it should only require a wash and re-coat. If it’s left too long and the coat starts to peel it may need a full strip back to bare to keep the wood looking uniform and prevent the next coatings from failing.