As individuals we tend to spend hours designing the perfect home decor, making sure everything matches. But what about the colours we are surrounded by at work? Each colour tends to have different emotions and impacts on the area that they are in. As such, it is important to think about the impact of the colours you are looking to paint in your office space.

Different colours can inspire different emotions and this is important to keep in mind. Many know fast food restaurants use red as it encourages action and is often associated with hunger but there are more possible colours than just that. Depending on the colour and the intensity of that colour, you can completely change the feel of an area.


Blue is often seen as a calming influence on a space. As a colour associated with productivity and calmness, shades of blue tend to be the most common splash of colour you will see in a workspace. Certain shades of blue are even thought to physically create states of relaxation and decrease stress levels. If you are in a high-stress industry, then blue will often be used in welcoming areas or as the feature wall in office areas. It is important to note that too much blue can change the tone of an area from relaxing to sad so it is important to balance out your blue with warm coloured furniture or accents.


Bright and happy, yellow is known for encouraging positive emotions and promoting creativity. Yellow can brighten an area both emotionally and make the area feel roomier. It should be used in moderation however as too much yellow can cause distraction and detract from employee productivity.


This colour is a bright, warm colour associated with energy, hunger, and passion. Red is associated with intensity more than anything else. It is not a colour that should be the base colour when designing your workspace as it tends to lead to heightened emotional states. This can work in a positive way as a feature wall or as an accent colour in high-energy areas.


Green is a cooler colour associated with calmness and balance. Brighter greens also tend to be associated with growth. Darker or pastel greens tend to be used for meeting areas while bright greens are often used in health and food industries for brands like Woolworths or Hello Fresh.


Orange, in both its pastel and brighter versions, are associated with creativity and playfulness. It is often used in learning centres and educational areas to promote learning and encourage creativity.


For centuries, purple has been associated with opulence. Purple is known for being the colour of luxury and quality. It also tends to create an air of sophistication. If you are looking to create an area that promotes high-end service and quality, then purple is the way to go.


Dark greys and blacks are known for their ability to increase an emotional state. They also tend to make an area feel smaller, sometimes even cramped, when used as the primary colour. This can make the workplace feel overwhelming or overbearing and can be quite intimidating. It is generally advisable not to use dark grey or black as a primary colour; though it does work extremely well as an accent. If it is the main colour, ensure you are using bright colours to accentuate the area.


When used properly, a light brown or tan can promote a feeling of warmth and reliability to an area. However, when over-used it can bring down the tone of an area, either grounding it or swinging too far and bringing down the mood of an area. Brown is commonly associated with legal offices where the aim is to make visitors feel secure but also ensure that they have faith in the business.


White tends to be associated with cleanliness and efficiency and, without other colours to soften the area, can be seen as quite clinical. Off-whites such as eggshell can provide cleanliness and efficiency but are not harsh enough to create too much of a clinical feel. White also tends to make a space feel significantly larger. It is most commonly used in healthcare facilities and laboratories.

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