Creating an inviting space for your customers and staff to enjoy should be front of mind for any business owner. A welcoming entrance or striking interiors can make all the difference – whether your workplace is a retail store or a high-rise office building. The foundations for delightful décor in any commercial space starts with the paint job, as the quality and colour scheme sets the scene for your interiors and exteriors. If you notice peeling paint, faded colours or that the palette has become outdated, turn to a commercial painter to refresh your workplace. Below, we discuss when you need to engage a professional, and what to consider when searching for a commercial painter. 

Reasons to Repaint

1. Peeling Paint

If you want your commercial space to appear professional and modern, you should take care of peeling paint as soon as it arises. Cracking or flaking paint is a sign of either excess moisture, improper preparation or layering two different paint solutions, such as latex on top of oil. A commercial painter can ensure proper restoration of your walls by removing the old paint, properly preparing the wall and applying fresh coats of colour.

2. Colour Scheme

If your current colour scheme is dull and dated or doesn’t reflect the tone of your business, it might be time to consider a new colour palette. You can work with a commercial painter to craft a new scheme, designed to grab your customer’s attention or create a serene space for your employees to work productively.

3. Faded Paint

If the paintwork on your exterior walls is faded, it’s most likely due to high sun or wind exposure. Paint degradation is a natural occurrence that lessens the colour’s intensity to a degree, so it’s important to keep an eye on colour changes and get a professional on board to keep up maintenance work or upgrade faded paint.

What To Consider in a Commercial Painter

1. Prep Work

The process of preparing your walls for a fresh layer is just as important as the final coat of paint, as the prep work sets the standard for the finished outcome. At Pristine Painting Perfection, we don’t just dedicate time to readying your walls for a superior finish, we also protect furniture, flooring and wall skirtings to keep your commercial spaces safe from paint spills.

2. Reputation

When searching for a painter for your project, read client testimonials and flick through their Google reviews to discover the type of customer feedback they’re receiving. It’s also important that your painting professionals are licenced from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission to ensure that your project is protected against defective work.

3. Experience

Experienced commercial painters are equipped with the tools and machinery required to paint a variety of buildings of all shapes and sizes, and are prepared to tackle any task. When engaging a commercial painter, take a look through their past projects to get an idea of the quality of their work and the scope of their experience.

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