1. Provide adequate ventilation. Ceiling fans are a must. If it’s a tenanted property a licenced electrician can install one and have it wired to come on with the light switch. Also a glazier can install a window with a fixed, secure panel at the top that can let air through at all times. 
  2. Use the correct paint. Far too often we see ceiling flat as the bathroom ceiling paint, this paint is not suitable as it has no sheen level (Shine) and can’t be cleaned correctly, it is also porous and mould can get into the paint. As a minimum standard a top of the line low sheen product, like dulux wash and wear should be used. The best paint to use would be Dulux Wash&Wear +PLUS Kitchen&Bathroom Low Sheen, this product has a built in mould inhibitor additive.
  3. If the ceiling has an existing roof leak causing mould (you can tell if there is a yellow ring around the mould) then this must be fixed by a qualified roofer, call us and we can provide you with details of a roofer.
  4. If the ceiling has an existing mould problem, call us and we can come and inspect it, remove the mould and paint the ceiling in the correct paint for you.
  5. Once the ceiling has no mould, no leaks and the correct paint cleaning is a breeze, simply wipe over with distilled white vinegar and warm water, leave for an hour and wipe off with clean water.